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Something Like Advice

I’m fortunate to be in a position where people approach me for advice. LL and I managed to make something out of a somewhat random idea, and it’s a process that many want to recreate. 

In the end though, the only advice I’m qualified to give is this: if you want to do something, just fucking do it. Don’t wait. Don’t save it for later. Do it now. 

We didn’t have a business plan. We didn’t have a strategy. But we knew what we wanted to accomplish with Texts From Last Night and we figured out how to get there as we went along.

We didn’t have a technical cofounder. We barely had a designer. We didn’t have a shortcode. We didn’t have an app. We had an idea and limited skills, but we used every last skill we possessed to make our idea happen. We photoshopped (poorly), picked a Blogger theme (it was awful) and stole texts from phones when our friends weren’t looking (they still don’t trust us). 

In thinking about TFLN’s synthesis and growth, I realize that it’s not a replicable trajectory for just about anything. Yes, the story of how we got started is inspiring, but most of it is not very useful in the real world. Except for one thing: we stopped talking and started doing. Then we did some more and found that the more we did, the more there was to do. 

It sounds simple because it is. And while it’s not the exact recipe for success (actually, I don’t believe that recipe exists), you’d be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t start with that same advice.

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